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Our Services

As managing agent for your Association, we’ll maintain your physical property and coordinate and oversee all associated functions. We do all these things efficiently and competently, with expertise born of long experience. With 29 years of experience in the field of property management we strive to develop a personal relationship with our clients to better serve their individual and unique needs.


No matter what we do for you—whether it’s preparing a spreadsheet or negotiating with a vendor on your behalf—it will be undertaken with thoroughness and diligence.


Because we restrict the number of accounts we handle, you’ll be able to count on our focus and attention, and we’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our knowledge, experience, education and understanding.

  • Financial services: long-term strategic planning & cash management

  • Bookkeeping: clear, concise, understandable and accurate reports

  • Collections: aggressive collection management

  • Budgeting: more than simple cash projections, we assist in short-term and long-term fiscal planning.

  • Replacement scheduling and reserve analysis

  • Placing insurance and handling of claims

  • Purchasing : cost-effective, timely, reasonable acquisition of quality supplies and services 

Managing your Association is inclusive of:

  • Collection of maintenance fees and payment of the Association’s bills

  • AOAO engineering project management

  • Coordinating meetings with board members, owners, contractors and vendors

  • Correspondence with government entities, contractors, owners and board members on behalf of your Association

  • Coordination and distribution of notices and formal communications to owners, including statutory requirements regarding operations

  • Human resource coordination, and maintaining cordial relationships with employees. Although Hawaii is an “at-will” state, we ensure that practices are lawful according to the Fair Employment Act and other regulations.

Problems do not arrive in neat packages. Thanks to our frequent, regular communication with owners and directors, we are able to create both time and opportunities to develop and implement solutions.


We truly believe that the best method of call management is the one that yields the least distractions when it’s most important to focus on the issue at hand. Our office phones are almost always forwarded to our cell phones so usually callers reach a live person when they call. We pride ourselves on being easily accessible whether via phone or in person. Together we can prevent the escalation of problems into a crisis.



From our experience, too much information can simply overload a board of directors—it’s hard to see the forest when all those trees are in the way! A flood of reports often hides facts rather than reveals them. This simple common-sense revelation drives a lot of our business practices. We communicate clear, concise, and detail-oriented reports which are easy to understand, thus facilitating smoothly run board meetings. Board meetings require directors, who serve as volunteers, to be versed in diverse issues and our goal is to simplify the information but not omit any important facts.


We believe, for instance, that sending a general ledger to all board members is unnecessary most of the time. Printing lengthy reports that no director will ever review is a waste of precious time, money, and resources. Quick written responses to specific questions should result in adequate information to give the board assurance with what’s going on with your money.


Instead, the reports we provide are simple and easy to read. All the detail is there for the asking.


Contractor & Vendor Management

When it comes to dealing with contractors, there’s a triangle of goals: speed, low cost, and quality. Unfortunately, the triangle never seems complete. It’s almost impossible to get all three of those things at the same time.


We work hard at building our relationships with contractors. If we’re doing our jobs and managing your association correctly, you’ll have scheduling flexibility. You’ll know exactly what repairs will be needed; every aspect of your repair will be clearly stated, and you’ll know what to expect before work begins. This will allow you to get the quality you want and the price you need.


We visit job sites often during projects and have frequently shown up on the last day of the job with the contractor’s final payment. Our years of experience have taught us that when we promptly pay contractors and vendors, they tend to promptly return our calls for repairs and ‘call backs.’


Checks for vendors and contractors can be cut within a day as needed, as requested by the board.


Prompt Collection of Maintenance Fees

We receive and process payments of maintenance fees from unit owners.  We provide Electronic Funds Transfer for payment of maintenance fees at no cost, as a convenience to owners who so desire.


We work closely with legal counsel on collection issues, and talk directly with people who are in arrears if they contact us.


Human Resources

Lowell D. Funk, Inc. has in-depth experience with a great number of specific employee-related issues.


We have more than 29 years of experience with a full spectrum of human resource issues, and our ability to work flexibly with employees, communities and associations has been our hallmark. We’ve managed retirement plans, 401k, and non-qualified deferred compensation plans. We have handled hiring, separations and employing of resident managers or short-term workers for specific tasks. We work with your Board to find the right employee(s) for the Association.


"In nearly all markets, the majority of consumers believe that small businesses place a greater emphasis on customer service than large businesses."


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Global Customer Service Barometer 2011