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Lowell D. Funk, Inc.:

Small company, BIG service.


More than 80 percent of Americans say that small businesses are more focused on service than large companies.


They’re right. Though big firms can sometimes compete by offering lower prices or advertising, small companies often win the advantage with superior, responsive service.


Delivering quality, timely service is exactly how we will win and retain your business.


We are unlike other Hawaii condo association management companies since we are 100% locally owned and operated since 1983. Our dedication to serving our clients with Aloha enables us to understand the local market and offer products and services which are unique to our island market.


Additionally, we are a small company and that’s intentional. Our manageable size enables us to devote the time to your Association that it needs and deserves.


"In nearly all markets, the majority of consumers believe that small businesses place a greater emphasis on customer service than large businesses."


American Express
Global Customer Service Barometer 2011